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iHub offers consultancy services to industries on issues where they need help. The consultancy services are offered predominantly using our panel of professors and industry experts who are our network partners.
iHub also works on new product development, prototyping and testing. These services are offered on payment basis.


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The iHub pre-incubation empowers innovators to build their startups by synergizing their business plan with best global practices, thereby helping them to successfully enter the market and scale up their business.

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In order to move forward, the world needs startups, the world needs innovation, and the world needs a place like iHub to explore. I hub provides various services like Business plans, Telesales and supports Startups to reach profit and bootstrap their way to additional growth.
College is considered a place of get Education, Sports, friends and memories for life. Some Students extend the horizons even more by working on their Entrepreneur skills.
For these go-getters college is also a time to launch their first companies. They want to spend their college years solving real life company problems and composing a viable solution. SNS provides support to the Students Startups and lead them into high level business. 

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Product development is creative; the discipline requires a systematic approach to guide the processes that are required to get a new product to market. iHub provide guidance about selecting the best development framework for a new product or service through various innovation facilities. A framework helps and structures the actual product development.
From shaping and validating initial business idea through technical prototyping and final product development, iHub is your proven global partner to deliver best-in-class solutions. 

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The iHub encourages collaboration between Educators, business leaders and their Portfolio Companies. iHub expand and improve the experience of modern education and encourage local economic growth along with development of startups.
iHub provides Technical Assistance, Professional Services, Education and Business connections through a combination of Business Expertise, Partnership shared services and a network of Industry and Community support. 

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iHub Investor Relations combines finance, communication and marketing to effectively control the flow of information between startup companies, its investors and its stakeholders. iHub maintain strong, transparent relationships with investors.

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iHub maintains a sandbox of industry curated problems that can be taken up by any aspiring entrepreneur to evolve it as a start-up and to serve the industries in need.
The Problem for the sandbox is provided by corporate, MoU partners and MSME in and around the city. The list is continuously updated based on inputs from our collaborators.  

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iHub also has a skilling program by workers with the sectors skill council and bodies like DDU-GKY, PMKVY and NSDC. These Schemes are operated as per the government mandate and the skilled workforce is provided to the industries and our partner.

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iHub Continuously updated and educates the entrepreneurs on the various schemes that are floated by the government to promote start-ups and other business.